The Marketing Shift

Marketing Through History

In some form, marketing and advertising have been some in some way since the dawn of mankind. At some point in history, humans realized that if they had something that others wanted, they could capitalize on it for their own gain but they had to prove that what they had to offer was better than what someone else had to offer. Over time, the marketing process developed into what it was for many years. This included word of mouth, direct mailing, billboards, posters and newspaper ads. When the internet started to be widely used, companies were a little slow starting out with online marketing but quickly, it started to take over from offline marketing. Today, offline marketing is still widely used but nearly as much as it was in the past. Online marketing is at the forefront when it comes to advertising products and services.

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The Switch From Offline Marketing to Online Marketing

The main reason for the massive switch from offline to online marketing has to do with larger reach and convenience. Marketers have realized that the majority of people today are online for multiple hours a day and the various methods of advertising online put these people in front of marketing campaigns more so than they would be by simply driving by a billboard or reading posters on a telephone pole. It's easy to grab someone's attention when they are in the comfort of their own living room and browsing the internet anyway. There are many different ways marketers advertise on the internet including pop-up ads, ads on related sites and search engine ads. Marketers also target other people in the industry to advertise for them for a fee. Bloggers, social media influencers, writers and third-party travel booking sites are popular ways to use this method. In very recent years, another shift has taken place and this has to do with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Now, potential customers are online more often than ever before and with the invention of apps and the ever-growing popularity of dozens of social networking sites, it's easy to get a product or service out there with the use of the written word, and photographs. An eye-catching photograph of a product if all it takes sometimes to get interest in a product. A simple article about an interesting topic related to the product in question also gets attention through keywords and search engine optimization. 

So Where Does Offline Marketing Stand Today

Offline marketing is still used widely because there still is a whole demographic of people, typically older people, who don't use the internet as much as the younger generations or they don't use it at all. In order to reach these people, billboards, posters, newspaper ads and direct mailing are still used by most companies to some extent. Offline marketing will likely still be around for some time but with current trends moving more to online marketing, it is likely to be seen less and less in coming years as more people start logging onto laptops, smartphones and tablets.